BMUG Meeting minutes 12/17/87

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December 1987

BMUG Meeting minutes 12/17/87

Acta document

BMUG Meeting 12/17/87


Discussion & Announcements 6:30 – 7:00

St. Silicon





All products not yet shipping will be out at Expo.

What is NEXT up to?

Mac+: memory upgrade?

What won’t invalidate the warranty?

Buy 4 120-ns SIMMs: $210/meg

up to 2 megs or 4?

Talk to ComputerWare or M.A.C. or CJS or MacOrchard.

Dove MacSnap will piggyback for Mac+.

2.5 megs is good for HyperCard & MultiFinder & some stuff

Get a Hard Disk first.

Mac II with expanded video

30% slower in 2-bit mode than accelerated SE.

Get an SE unless you need gray levels.

Big screen is useful if you use spreadsheets or WP.

Hard Disks: recommended? reliable?

Insides: MiniScribe, Quantum…

Noise: inside & outside affect it

Outsides: Jasmine, LaCie, DataFrame, CMS, MacBottom

CMS: $585 for 20 megs

Apple used MiniScribe/Rodime in SE; Quantum in II.

M.A.C.: 60 meg CMS (Mac II internal) stopped shipping – reliability problems in software.

Consider: Software, Portability.

Jasmine BackPack 40 is finally shipping.

Jasmine just dropped their credit card surcharge.

Mac the Knife in MacWeek: FullWrite manuals were NOT hijacked on that truck in LA. Manifest.

Equipment for sale: SE & stuff: $4,000 or best offer.

300 copies of Goodman’s book: $30. 849-9477.

CostCo has book for $17 – Central Ave. in Richmond

other HyperCard books: at least 5 others.

BMUG BBS: 4 lines

CompuServe: MACFUN, MACPRO replace MACUS.

Q: New plotter drivers? HP GraphMaster II? All the existing ones don’t work well.

A: Try HP. They’re working on it.

Q: Cricket Draw doesn’t work well?

A: Try various plotting programs.

Q: RSG: pasting stuff into MacDraw 1.9.5: strange error msg.

A: It needs room in a particular segment.

HyperCard; the usual questions.

BMUG Meeting minutes 12/17/87
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