BMUG Meeting minutes 10/29/87

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October 1987

BMUG Meeting minutes 10/29/87

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BMUG Meeting 10/29/87

Tom Swain 658-9543 DataFrame XP60 for sale

Recent change in FCC class B certification procedures have delayed some SuperMac DataFrame shipments of their newly-announced drives. SuperMac discontinued the DF20. There was a mechanical problem with the XP30’s, perhaps now fixed. I’m not going to type anything bad about the XP60, because I’m using one now. Most of the commercially sold drives’ guts are made by just a few companies: Quantum, MiniScribe, Rodime. CMS has had some problems. Apple switched entirely from MiniScribe to Rodime.

ROM upgrade to Jasmine 80’s (and 50’s) purchased before MacWorld Expo to allow Pseudo-DMA. Contact Jasmine.

CMS says any serial # after 4247 has the new ROMs in it. These are from the original supplier of the guts.

Tip: run the test program on the CMS disk, Zap your PRAM (Parameter memory, battery backed-up storage of time, settings, preferences) [use program or press cmd-opt-shift while choosing control panel], use Install program on System Tools disk, use Mac II install, shut down, restart.

Survey: CMS drives. Seem to have problems on Mac II. The Mac II is prone to forgetting about hard disks on bombing easily. Boot blocks and PRAM become corrupted. Bugs become more and more obscure as we go on. Many Mac II users – it’s their first computer – they really worry about bombs.

“From Pepsi to Apple – by John Sculley”

University contest – designs become property of Apple. Is this a rip-off? Is it stealing ideas? Is it a way for students to get recognition and maybe get recruited by Apple? Does everybody do it?

Best real word processor this week: _________

MicroSoft Write: Word 3 without smart menues. “DribbleWare”: MS will announce at Comdex partial OS/2.

Rumor in Mac Today: MicroPro bought Mac WP company. Perhaps Paragon?

Background printing with ImageWriter I? Nobody at Apple uses them. Do any of the commercial printspoolers work?

Q: FAX? A: Apple announced FAXModem at Boston MW Expo

BMUG Meeting minutes 10/29/87
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