Microsoft Multiplan 1.0

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1K on disk

May 1984

Microsoft Multiplan 1.0

Visual Spreadsheet

Bill Gates was repeatedly heard in 1985 saying that Microsoft made more money on Multiplan for the Macintosh than any other platform. Multiplan for the Macintosh was in fact one of the few spreadsheets available for that platform. It was proficient at making graphs and charts and was often bundled with some Macs. However, Multiplan only lasted for about a year before being overtaken by the more successful Excel.

— Wikipedia

Revision History


The initial release contained a serious bug: saving a document from the dialog box which resulted from File > Quit would corrupt files.


Fixed the saving bug.

Microsoft Multiplan 1.0
Kind: Visual Spreadsheet
Size: 1020 bytes, accounts for 1K on disk
Where:Software, internal drive
Created:Tuesday, May 1, 1984 at 4:11 PM
Modified:Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 4:47 PM