Finder 1.1

83 words

1K on disk

May 1984

Finder 1.1

System Software

Mac programmer Bruce Horn explains that Finder version 1.1 decreases the number of swaps required for normal file copying by increasing the size of the buffer… The revised Finder will also include an option in the Special menu that enables users to specify an initial program load. “You will be able to boot right into an application such as MacPaint. When users exit the application program, they will return to the Finder,” explains Capps.

— Macworld 1.2

This was the Set Startup… command.

Finder 1.1
Kind: System Software
Size: 830 bytes, accounts for 1K on disk
Where:Software, internal drive
Created:Tuesday, May 1, 1984 at 4:52 PM
Modified:Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 5:02 PM