BMUG Meeting minutes 10/15/87

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October 1987

BMUG Meeting minutes 10/15/87

Acta document

BMUG Meeting 10/15/87


New system, etc.: very soon

Whole Earth Access is now an authorized Apple dealer

The complete HyperCard handbook by Danny Goodman

Cody’s should have Goodman’s HyperCard book next week

Stacey’s in San Francisco should have some

also try local computer stores

talks a lot about the scripting, authoring capabilities

The APDA documentation is better for reference. Renton,WA.

(206) 251-6548.

SuperLaserSpool stopping problem.

Mac SE w/internal 20, ImageWriter, MS-Word 3.01

stops when typing, click on the Apple menu to resume.

ImageWriter in modem port.

SuperMac wasn’t very helpful

Suggestion: ask for “product manager”

Q: Will anyone need it after MultiFinder?

A: Not for the LaserWriter. It is not as versatile as SuperLaserSpool.

Large Screen considerations

1 versus 2 pages

software support and features

tear-off menus

big pixels


type of phosphors and density.


Q: Radius FPD with Mac II?

A: Theoretically, you can. You probably need a special card. The TPD (Two page Display) is also announced.

E-Machines “Big Picture” monitor: allowed full use of Mac screen and nice “magnifying glass” features.

All the new Radius software and firmware was done by Ted Cohen, from Berkeley. It used to be done by Andy Hertzfeld, also from Cal.


doesn’t have FCC certification on new drives

isn’t shipping anything

Q: Can the 20’s be upgraded to 30’s, etc?

A: Call them or ask at MacToberFest.

Jobs Available

Contract work: Oxford & Associates, Inc. 968-0300

Beta Testing, in & out of house: Radius – see Tom Santos

Mac SE required

see the clipboard at the front of the room.


Please help distribute flyers!

Thursday, October 22, 11 AM – 7 PM

Pauley Ballroom, MLK Student Union

7:30 – PSL – Bill Atkinson, author or HyperCard, and (perhaps) Dan Winkler, author of HyperTalk


Door prizes – over $5000 worth.


Volunteers: Call 549-BMUG.


Write articles! Now! Deadline: November 1!

Still wanted: vertical file cabinet for the BMUG office

see David M.

Apple & Digital announced record profits yesterday. Apple doubled from previous year, same quarter.

IBM claims to have shipped over a million PS/2’s this year, more than the # of Macs out there.

GM signed a contract with Apple for 10,000 Macs.

SuitCase ID=10,ID=3 bugs when booting: remove the battery.


1. Hard Disk

2. Big Screen

3. More RAM

4. Accelerator cards

5. Buy a SUN

Q: HD recommendations?

A: The word on the street – Jasmine, DataFrame, Apple, Cirrus, PeripheralLand, …

most use the same internal components

1. Longevity of co. & support

2. Price

3. Features

4. Noise


QuickDraw vs. PostScript

no upward compatibility path in terms of character density spacing

QD printers – can’t go on AppleTalk now, except thru a Mac.

See the September MacUser magazine for a good comparison

3000 dpi? What kind of paper?

Newspapers: 65 lines, Magazines: 150 lines. Serious: 300 lines.

Printers: often about 250 dpi.


the db is private, so we can’t give out addresses or phone #’s

SIGs, the office, meetings => best ways to get together and get in touch.

Membership cards: submit designs…. or use postcards


Hardware totally redone, software rewritten from scratch.

HyperCard stack

other neat software

works on a Mac II

works in stereo

shipping in November

unclear as to any BMUG arrangements – you’ll probably find it in dealers first.

don’t order until we know if we’ll have it or not.


Discussion & Announcements 6:30 – 7:30

Chris Crawford, author of Legacy of Siboot

No raffle tonite – save your luck for MacToberFest!

PD disks & NL’s for all.

BMUG Meeting minutes 10/15/87
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